AKTYNA - State of the art technology

One of the very pleasant surprises of the just completed Munich 2018 was my introduction to Panayotis Gioulos, the mastermind behind Aktyna.

This charming man who was a co exhibitor in the Grandinote room. 

The just released MACH9 loudspeakers from Grandinote were attached the Aktyna Isolation footers. The MACH speakers I know very well and the results of the partnership with Aktyna was easily apparent. 

Whether is Speakers, Amplifiers, CD Players, Racks or any other component. Aktyna has you covered.

With a 14 day trial period we are very confident that Aktyna will bring improved performance to any system.



Feel the good vibes!

Aktyna has a loyal following throughout Europe and the world.

Aktyna has built this following by producing Isolation solutions that work.

There is no getting around the performance benefits that Aktyna bring to the table and considering the price point I feel they represent amazing value for money.

Purasound is excited to bring these products to Australia. 


Immerse yourself in silence

No matter which component you wish to add isolation to, Aktyna has a wide range that caters for different levels of performance.

Once experienced, its impossible to go back. 

Don't say I didn't warn you! :)