Skogrand Ravel Cables

Skogrand Ravel Cables


Available within the Ravel model range:

SC Ravel speaker cables
SCI Ravel interconnects
SCJ Ravel Jumpers

The SC Ravel offers solid core copper leads suspended in air within a framework of low dielectric fabrics and PTFE tubing.

Through this cable build we have achieved an effective dielectric constant of 1.0018 with a signal transfer speed: 299253,8 km/h or 99.82% of the speed of light making this one of the fastest speaker cables in the world.

It's only rivals being our Tchaikovsky and Beethoven cables.

Techinical specifications:

SC Ravel speaker cables:

Technical specifications:

Dielectric: Air

Gauge: 4 x 2,5mm≤ 

Ultra low dielectric fabric and PTFE tube suspension framework

Dual lead construction

Cross linked Polyolefin heat shrink

PET Braided Sleeve

Gold Z banana plugs or spades


Capacitance                               5.79 pF/f

Inductance                        0.21 uH/f (DC)

Inductance                         0.18 uH/f (HF)

DC-resistance                   0.0069 Ohm/m

Attenuation 0.002  dB/km/sqrt(frequency) 

Area                    2.500 mm≤  (square-mm)

Area                       4934 CM (circular mil)

Diameter                                       70.2 mil

SCI Ravel interconnects:

Construction goal:


Creating an interconnect matching

the SC Ravel speaker cables

when it comes to looks, signal transfer

capabilities, materials and overall



Technical specifications:


Dielectric: Air

Gauge: 22 AWG solid core copper

Shield: 100% coverage tinned copper

Shield suspended away from conductor

Conductor spacing: 4 mm

Framework:  Low dielectric constant material suspended over PTFE tubing

Crosslinked Polyolefin heatshrink

Twisted pair

PET braided sleeve

Gold plated RCA connectors

Capacitance 3.35 pF/feet

Inductance 0.34uH/feet (DC)

Inductance 0.31 uH/feet (HF)

DC-resistance 0.053 Ohm

Velocity rartio 1.00 (HF)

Attenuation 0.003 dB/km/sqrt(frequency)

Area 0.326 mm^2 (square-mm)

Area 642,4CM (circular mil)

Diameter 25,3 mil

Diameter 0,644mm

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