Aries Cerat - Kassandra Ref mk2 - DAC

Aries Cerat - Kassandra Ref mk2 - DAC


* 16 R2R converters per channel, complimentary current output

(using the top grade AD1865N-K , 8 converters per bank, 16 per channel)

* Eight discrete ultra-low-noise regulators

(for the 4 converter banks)


*Extensive local decoupling,using tuned LC filters

*Overengineered power supplies,power input filters

(8 torroidal transformers,over 2.5Farad total system capacitance,wideband local decoupling,Sig version)

* Transformer I/V conversion

(custom wideband transformers,balanced current to SE voltage conversion)

* Internal Super-Clock

(bypassable on the fly.Separate torroidal transformer,triple regulated supply)

*Transformer loaded super tube output stage

(using the E280F tube. 5:1 step down transformer,double choke filtered supply)

- 30Vpp output @ 0db
- Balanced output(optional)
- USB input up to 24/384KHz

- Jitter attenuation down to femptosec level
- Output impendance ~40ohms (balanced output)



Dimensions : 540mmW X 520mmD X 165mmH

Weight:   60kg

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