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Hand built in Japan

craftsmanship at its finest

Etsuro Urushi Cartridges 

Etsuro Urushi expertly marry the best of todays materials with the incomparable traditional Urushi technique.

Come listen to these extraordinary products at our showroom.

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Etsuro Urushi Cobalt Blue

Type Moving coil

Frequency response 15-50,000Hz

Output voltage 0.25mV/1kHz

Output balance <0.5dB/1kHz

Channel separation 33dB/1kHz

Tracking weight 2gr

Impedance 3Ω/1kHz

Trackability >70μm/2gr

Stylus shape 80μm microline diamond

Cantilever 0.4φsapphire pipe

Cartridge base Extra super duralumin(A7075)

Cartridge housing Extra super duralumin(A7075)

Housing processing Urushi handmade

Cartridge weight 8.1gr

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