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La Potenza Distributor

La Potenza Distributor


Faber Power - The result of over 30 years of research and development

Faber Power is the result of a lifetime of dedication for understanding and creating solutions in power and phase for high end audio systems.

Fabrizio Baretta is renowned for his expertise in these fields and is sought out by industry professionals and music lovers to get the absolute best performance from their systems. 

The La Potenza Power Distributor, Grounding Box and Power Cables in combination or used in isolation will bring clearly audible improvements.

Faber Power products are hand crafted to the highest levels of workmanship and are stunning to not only listen to but also for the eye.

In a recent review by Joshua Givernshore for SoundStage Australia he remarks

"The Faber’s Power equipment brought a very appreciated increase in refinement and musicality to my reviewing and reference systems"

"Their equipment quite simply works as advertised"  

"La Potenza Six, represent exceptional value for money given the profound improvements offered"

To get the most from your equipment we would be delighted to provide any of these exceptional products for demonstration in your home system or at our showroom.