Stacore - Advanced Isolation Platform

Stacore - Advanced Isolation Platform


STACORE ADVANCED – building on an already excellent STACORE BASIC design, ADVANCED takes it literally to another dimension.

This is a unique solution on the market, offering a two-stage vibration decoupling and damping mechanism: A pneumatic suspension of STACORE BASIC and an added ball bearing stage. The second stage–the ball bearings–greatly improve the isolation efficiency for lateral vibrations, happening in the dimensions of the basis. In this way the so called full six-axis decoupling is achieved—the Holy Grail of vibration control.

The ball bearings are our own, in-house design and manufacture, which guarantees an optimal coupling to the pneumatic stage, great efficiency, and a long life due to a careful selection of the materials. Unlike most of the ball bearings on the market, the ones used in STACORE ADVANCED platform are machined from very hard materials: Hardened stainless steel and Tungsten Carbide.This, combined with their special construction, gives an efficient control of most subtle vibrations and a long life even under a heavy equipment.

All this results in an opening of a wide sonic window on the system, allowing for a deeper understanding of its sound and discovering of new aspects, previously buried in unwanted vibrations.

The dimensions: 580 (L) x 480 (W) x 140 (H) [ mm ]; Nett weight: 94,0 kg; Max load: 65,0 kg;

Due to our optimised implementation of the ball bearings we do not offer an upgrade from STACORE BASIC to ADVANCED.

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