Stacore - Basic Isolation Platform

Stacore - Basic Isolation Platform


STACORE BASIC – Incorporating our unique combination of a damped Italian slate case (the whole case is made out of stone, except for the control panel) and a pneumatic suspension, utilising lab and industry grade air cushions.

On a side panel there are three control valves, a manometer, and a car wheel valve, which enable an easy air filling with an ordinary car pump, control of the pressure and leveling of the platform.

The premium quality Italian slate used in our designs has been widely known and appreciated not only in audio for its excellent vibration damping characteristics.

Additionally damped by us in a constrained layer configuration, it provides the required mass for the pneumatics to work at its best without the pronounced self-resonances of e.g. steel constructions.

Each platform is made by hand, the stone meticulously finished, giving the platform an excellent, sublime look.

The sonic effect of the platform is probably best compared to a removal of ear plugs or cleaning of a dusty window. It allows to better enjoy the sound of the system and the reproduced audio material.

The dimensions are: 580 (L) x 480 (W) x 108 (H) [ mm ]; Nett weight: 62kg; Max load: 65kg;

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