Innuos Zen

Innuos Zen


Ideal for Hi-Fi enthusiasts with large music libraries, looking for improved soundstage and dynamics.

The The Zen MKII is a true HiFi component with a number of improvements on top of the ones offered by the Zen Mini.

Linear Power supply

The Zen uses our linear power supply design with ultra-low noise regulators (40 uV), specialised audio capacitors (Nichicon MUSE) and medical-grade mains filter to ensure audio transparency and realism.

ultra-low noise streamer output

Dual-ethernet ports with isolation transformers on Ethernet ports significantly improve sound quality on streamers when compared to a direct router connection.

Reduced vibration

Vibration kills good sound quality so we have added significant anti-vibration treatment to chassis and electronic components.

In-Memory Playback

With 2GBdedicated memory, the Zen loads music directly to memory for playback so that it doesn’t need to engage the hard drive during playback, improving sound quality

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