Innuos Zen Mini

Innuos Zen Mini


The Zen Mini MkII Designed for music lovers who mostly want to enjoy music on multi-room and entry-level Hi-Fi systems

Remember your CDs and all the music lying on your computer that you haven’t heard for ages?

Now there’s a simple way to store, manage and play all of it: the Zen Mini.

Surprisingly Good Sound

The Mini may be our entry-level Music Server but there’s nothing entry-level about its performance. With premium components extensively configured to optimise sound quality, you’ll notice the difference.

Fast Performer

With a processor much faster than a typical NAS, the Zen Mini provides a slick interface when browsing and searching your library as well as faster library indexing.

Quiet and stylish

With its CNC-machined aluminium fascia and metal chassis, the Mini emanates style and build quality. And because it’s fanless, there‘s no annoying fan noise so you can just enjoy the music.

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