Innuos Zenith

Innuos Zenith


We took the Audiophile design of the Zen to the next level by upgrading three key components of the system

The flagship model, designed for Audiophiles who want to extract all the detail and dynamics out of their music on hi-fi systems


Triple-Linear Power Supply

This innovative design has three independent power stages that separately provide power to key components of the system, helping to isolate power noise from the USB and Ethernet outputs.

SSD Storage (1,2 or 4 TB )

Using SSD based storage instead of regular hard drives plays an important role in reducing power as well as mechanical noise, which further contributes to the transparency and realism of the Zenith.

In-Memory Playback

We increased the RAM buffer on the Zenith to 4GB, which improves sound quality even further when compared to the Zen. The Zenith’s SSD-based storage makes the transition from storage to system memory imperceptible – playback is instantaneous

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