Purasound is the first Hifi store to bring TAD Labs to Brisbane.

TAD Labs are true destination products that are built without cost constraints. 

The performance is truly breathtaking!

When we launch our showrooms by the end on June 2017  we will have on demonstration the mighty TAD Reference 1 loudspeakers. The Reference 1 loudspeaker is renowned as one of the best speakers in the world, regardless of price.

We are also soon to welcome the TAD ME1 bookshelf speakers.  TAD ME1 represent a new price point for TAD speakers all the while staying true to the natural sound philosophy that TAD Labs is famous for.

To complete our range of loudspeakers we have selected ATC loudspeakers.

ATC loudspeakers are hand built in Gloucestershire, England to exacting standards.

ATC speakers are famous for many reasons, one of them being the incomparable ATC Soft Dome mid-range driver.

ATC’s soft dome represents the very best of midrange loudspeaker design and performance combining a smooth response from 350Hz to 3.5KHz, exceptionally low colouration, high power handling capacity, low power compression and high output level.

On launch we will be showcasing the ATC SCM 40A, a full range active speaker that is one of the best loudspeaker solutions under $35k. We will also have a range of passive entry series speakers and subwoofers.

Also from ATC is the just released HTS series of on wall speakers. The same amazing ATC sound that will enhance and suit any decor. Check them out! http://atcloudspeakers.co.uk/hi-fi/loudspeakers/hts-series/hts7/

I'd like to invite you to come experience these wonderful products.




Robert Campbell