Why Purasound?

Purasound was created to offer Brisbane music lovers more choice.

Over the years I have been to Audio shows and various dealers and came to appreciate some truly exceptional and timeless products. 

Purasound is not only committed to bringing these class leading products to Brisbane but also offer the support and advice to get the very best from your system. 

We believe that when it comes to building a sound system, everything matters!

Speakers, Amplification, Source, Cables, Equipment Furniture and Acoustic Treatment (if required) are all important factors that can be a minefield. We can give you straight forward and simple solutions that cater to most budgets.

The size and dimensions of your room are of the utmost importance when considering any purchases for your system. We can help you get the best sound from your space!

Located in Stafford Heights, Brisbane we are only 15 minutes from the CBD and Brisbane Airport.

I look forward to sharing what I believe are some truly exceptional products!



Robert Campbell