Grandinote MACH 4

Grandinote MACH 4


The MACH4 is another example of the unique talent of Massimiliano Magri.

Just like the electronics of Grandinote redefined what is possible from a transistor design,  the MACH series of speakers will redefine what is capable from a dynamic loudspeaker.

Drivers are specially modified by Max and the MACH loudspeaker posses no crossovers. 

The transparency, energy and detail from the MACH will surprise, and when partnered with Grandinote electronics then you can experience the Real Natural sound of Grandinote.

Purasound will be demonstrating the MACH4 this November in Melbourne. Please enquire for more details.

MACH 4:      

Sensitivity - 95dB@1W/1m - 8Ohm

Dimentions - 130x23x23cm

Weight - 50kg

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